Saturday, 23 June 2012

Easels in Frederick, winners up

Today is the last day for artists to complete their plein air paintings for Easels in Frederick, in Frederick Maryland.  12000 in cash  prizes will be given out to the winners of the selection of artists who are competing. I wish I was there.  I'd pat my mom on the back.  She's presided the volunteer organizing committee.  

Friday, 22 June 2012

rue Vavin

Rue Vavin
oil on canvas 50x100cm

Some paintings paint themselves, this one did.  It feels good to paint Paris again especially this time of year when the light in the sky is blue until after 10pm, the Blue hour.

Here is a photo of the painting a few days ago, note that I start with the brightest colors.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Key On Broadway

Key On Broadway
Oil on Linen
Some paintings take forever, this one was one of them.  I was actually surprised today to find it finished.  There is a key hidden in the painting, thus the title.  Recently I went to Place des Vosges to see the exhibition of Ronald Dupont at the Galerie Artima.  
Dupont's technique is unusual for figurative painting and it is very recognizable.  These paintings had lots of black, I think too much.  Another artist was exhibiting, Fernando Kindélan.  I love his work.  I guess I am a diehard for more of a classical painting technique.  The other artists in the gallery are awesome.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Le Dome

Le Dome
60x60cm oil on linen

The Dome is one of those gorgeous historical cafe's on Boulevard Montparnasse, a great place for a continental breakfast and people watching.  This is another from the series of the Parisien Blue hour.

It feels good to finish a painting.  After all the parties the last few months I was seriously wondering if  I needed to hire some new elves, you know, the ones that paint while I socialize.  Isn't that what artists do? Yes, we hire elves to paint for us.