Thursday, 10 March 2016

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: So, I've got some stuff on the web... (and a new rule for writers)

This is wonderful, E.M. Goldsmith "If you believe in something, stick to your guns no matter what because it's better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you're not."

BJ, I don't agree. Creative people are not more mentally unstable than non-creative. The problem is that the non-creative ones make the rules and the labels and the systems by which we are tested. Because we HAVE  to be tested (they have to test us) otherwise they wouldn't know what label to give us.

Right brained left brained...

As far as adding personal info to a blog. I think like this. My online presence precedes me into the party. Do I want those people at the party to know my secrets? It's hard to write impersonal blog posts. But there is another thing QOTKU talked about in the cleaning up your web presence discussions, putting a spin on your work. I want people to focus on my work.

I can see OP walking into a party, someone who read OP's book and her blog takes her aside and says. I really appreciate what you wrote. I went through something similar. It's courageous to speak of weaknesses in public.

But what do you want to focus on? My weaknesses, my paranoia, the hate mails and the stalker, family accidents have nothing to do with my work.

This is where I stick to the spin.