Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2nd painting 2013

No title yet
100X120cm oil on canvas

I hope to finish this on Friday.  No idea what title to put on it, any suggestions?

This is what it looked like Friday last

And here it was Thursday a week ago.

I love my underpaintings.  I wasn't planning so much contrast in the final version so may tone up the shadows.  What I do like is that you really step into the painting.  I know it will bring depth into the room of the person who buys it.  Like a window.

Friday, 4 January 2013

first painting of 2013

oil on canvas

I can't think of a title.  What should I call this?  It is not yet complete but monday will be.  

This year I'm gonna burn those brushes.  They'll be on fire from the painting that I'll do.  I've got three shows this spring and something else I'll know about in two weeks.  On top of that I'm artistic director of the end of the school party for the kindergarten where my kid goes.  All of this in June, eeks!

Last year the theme was the sea but this year it is:  Dans les Prés (in the fields) Here's an illustration for the party, got any ideas of what else is hiding in or under the fields?  Let me know PLEASE  I have to do several of these.   Sometimes fields can seem so boring but we don't think about what is hiding underneath.  My idea is to show the kids what is under the fields and hiding in them.
I have no idea what size this is, close to 100cm wide.  
It's watercolor and a sharpie pen.