Friday, 28 September 2012

Portes Ouvertes

Sunday I'm participating in the open studios day in Ivry-sur-Seine.  My atelier will be open in the afternoon, here is the info Plein Feux  .  There are hundreds of artists studios in Ivry, in the Fabrique des Artistes there are 77 individual artist studio's.
Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Crossing 7th

Crossing 7th
Oil and spray paint on canvas

I could probably work on this painting for another two weeks but for now it is finished.  I have to move on to something fresh.  
Since August 5th I've finished two large paintings.  
In my mind this one works as a whole but the individual pieces are ugly.  Not rough like the first draft of a manuscript but plain ugly.  Its a characteristic of my painting, there is a rawness to it.  So they say.
I do like the guy in the red shirt on the left. He's the focal point.  Can you guess why?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

ça pète

7th Ave - unfinished
oil and spray paint on canvas

When someone asks me how I know a painting is finished, usually I say I don't know why, but I do know.  It is when something in the painting moves, flickers.  People think I'm kidding when I say this but then write it off because artists are all nuts.  We have the freedom to talk and walk with anyone unilaterally because we are unclassifiable. I love it.

When I was building portraits with clay -modeling not sculpting that's technically carving, I knew when I had captured the person because the eyes on the sculpture would blink. Usually after an hour or so.

Last week, during the rentré -when kids go back to school in France, I almost cut the above painting in half but instead I plodded on.  It's a pain in the arse.  Just do it, sit in that chair and paint, or stand there and paint.  I imagine it is like a writer trotting through the first draft of a long work of fiction.  Just sit down and do it, keep your butt in the chair. 

The result, in this case, is that this painting hops, not just a flicker but skipps.

Ça pète.

Here are some details

I love the abstraction of the blocking-in part.

This shows the mixture of spray paint coupled with alla prima oil technique.

Ça pète!