Monday, 27 October 2014

contest winner final vote: it's a tie

La Terrasse Saint Jacques ...

pen and ink on archival paper, postcard size...

vote between the two titles
A: Morning Commute, by Julia
B: The Urban Burden, by Emma

No more titles are accepted for this painting like your favorite between these two only directly on my FB page.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Contest: Title this painting

Waiting for your title
50x50cm oil on canvas

title this painting

hand drawn postcard of Parisian Cafe scene

  • 24 hours starting from 12pm Sunday October 26th
  • Suggest a title for this painting directly on my Facebook page here : AngieBrooksby
  • only one title per comment
  • you can enter more than one title but in a separate comment
  • The title with the most likes in 24 hours wins a hand drawn postcard black ink on archival paper 
  • Postcard is  like the one below: (this is the card from the previous contest - it went to Paris)
  • Postcard sent to the address of winner's choice anywhere in the world within 10 days

Cafe Restaurant Le Bullier, Bd Montparnasse, Paris

Thursday, 9 October 2014

a painting of Paris- winner from title the painting contest

100x100cm untitled

Here is the next painting that I'll need a title for but this time I'll change the rules. No suggestions yet please, I'll let you know when.

The winner for the waiter painting from last week's contest is Louise Monaghan Lopez-Bassols, her title: Life is Sweet.  Please send me the address where you want the prize drawing posted.

In case you're wondering, I do use your titles and they are written in cadmium red on the back of the canvas.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Contest - choose the title for this painting - win a hand drawn post card

100x100 cm oil on canvas...

Win a hand drawn postcard - pen and ink - of  a Parisian cafe scene.

I will send the winner the postcard anywhere in the world.  

The postcard will be black ink on white archival paper and it will be an original one of a kind, signed, of course.  The details of the cafe (location, name of cafe, date I drew it and anything else that strikes my fancy) will be written on the back of the card.

How to play this contest:  

Post your titles either on my facebook page - Angie Brooksby Facebook  
or here in the comments of this blog. I will post the comments on the blog onto my facebook page.

Comments will be accepted until midnight friday October 3rd (paris time).

The title that has the most likes on my Facebook page will be the winner for the post card.  Votes and likes are accepted until wednesday October 8th.   Voting (likes) for contest closes October 8th at midnight. (Paris time.)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tom's Louvre

Tom's Louvre
Here it is finished.  The reason I postponed this painting for so long was because I couldn't envision the final ouvre.  People constantly ask my how I choose what I paint.  I have the luck to paint what my hear desires, but I love to do commissions. 

My images start in my camera.  It's always on me.  Mobile phone cameras don't do it but I have painted some things from iphone pics.  Notably a painting that lives in Bordeaux. 

The image was snapped  at night  through the rear window of a taxi, and it was raining  buckets.  That was in NYC.  The client saw himself as that figure with the umbrella.

When I paint people in scenes they take on personalities.  Often people I know.  It's great to hear people tell me the stories they see happening.

Eat your heart out!