Saturday, 23 October 2010

NYC oil painting

Another NYC cityscape, it does not have a name yet.
Redacted on January 28, 2016. This painting was painted in my atelier on rue Saint Jacques. I gave it the title Official Merchandise. It was used as the image on the poster for an exhibition at the infamous gallery Terre des Arts. As of this date it is still available.


  1. Oh! You make magic happen in street scenes! This is going to be great, I can tell already.

    What is hanging on the right wall? It looks interesting...opera house? Italy?

    If this your studio it looks like a great place to work. Love the floor.

  2. Hi Laura,
    I am really enjoying painting NYC, on the right hand wall is the telephone call that I posted earlier. It is almost finished.

  3. I should have enlarged the photo. I "thought" I saw a staircase instead of the crosswalk and balcony boxes instead of the taxi wheels...I'll look more carefully next time.


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