Friday, 9 March 2012

my palette- work in progress

Recently I was contacted and asked to share my palette.  Here is a photo:
From left to right the colors are:
on top left -Ivory black (it is reddish because the tube I bought was slightly defective, but the color is fantastic - kind of a mixture of cadmium red middle with ivory black), left front is Ivory Black, then second on top left is Prussian blue, Phtalo Green, Ultra Marine blue, Cobalt violet, Quinachridone, Ochre, Permanent Red, Cadmium Red middle, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow middle, Titanium White.  The light green on the left is some color that I bought by mistake and can't remember the name. The  light blue next to it is left over of mixture.  
I use a medium to dilute the oils that consists of 98%  thinner (not turpentine) a few drops of refined linseed oil and a few drops of crystal varnish.  I use cotton rags to clean my brushes with.

When I start a painting I usually begin with the most important colors that set a tone to the painting.   Here is the next night scene of Paris 

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