Monday, 15 October 2012

Tu Es Où?

Tu Es Où?
oil on linen canvas, 60x60cm

Tu est où?  Isnt' that the first thing we ask when we answer the telephone these days -- where are you?  Doesn't matter which language.  This painting is part of the Parisian Blue Hour paintings a series I've been working on since 2008.  

Finally, after more than four years I am understanding what it is that thrills me about painting the city.  These last three paintings along with Hotel du Louvre and Place Colette summarize the execution of the inspiration.  First it was people, then the color black, then it was night scenes and people, the long lasting blue sky, then it was neon signs. But these are the settings for the theme.

 It is the abstraction that night lights create first in my camera's lense; the big chunky spots of light that my spatula knife can spread onto a canvas like butter on bread. Yummy!

This will be for sale at stand 54  in the tent (chapiteau) at the Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain from 1-5 November

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