Saturday, 9 February 2013

Help me decide the title of this painting

I've thought of three titles.
Tell me which one you like best and if you have another idea leave a comment.

is the title voted, thanks for participating

100x120 cm oil on canvas

This will be either in my show in May or in the salon in June.

I working with a different technique than normal, less alla prima. Last week my studio neighbor asked me when I was going to stop painting by numbers. I didn't flare up, offended, but I did try to justify myself.  
He said I could do better.  So I thought about it. 
He graduated from the Beaux Arts de Paris and is teaching.  I may not like his work and think he's a failure of an artist because he's a teacher. This is a rotten unfair opinion, life is different for everyone, he's younger than I, has a few kids.  I can't consider him a failure because he is teaching painting but I do.  
I thought about what he said and I like him because he says what he thinks straight in your face. 
I decided to try to paint differently and here is the result.

Thanks Phillip, you've helped me free my brush.  
You're a teacher who see people's qualities.  I appreciate your opinion.  Now get your ass in the studio and paint.


  1. "I gotta ticket to ride"

  2. That's nice. Maybe just Ticket to Ride.

  3. I like "Easy Rider" but it's too expected...overused. "Ticket to Ride" is nice, but I think I favor "Crusing". BTW, I like it! I'm glad you posted, I've missed you and your work.

    1. Thanks Laura,
      Easy Rider was the easy title. Ticket to Ride is nice too but I don't know if I can use a song title for my painting. We'll see what the poll comes up with.
      I've been painting and not much on the web. Luckily there is no internet in my studio so I can only paint.

  4. Individuality can suffer if you start to paint how other people want you to paint, though I can see his point. This painting is terrific but it would probably have been just as good without his intervention.
    'Cruising' has another meaning these days. Don't see why you can't have a song title. 'King of the Road' would be fine.

    1. I agree that individuality can be compromised but it's nice to question myself and not fall into an easy product because I know how to paint a certain way.

      What does cruising mean these days?

  5. 'Cruising' is individuals (usually gay men) wandering around a place looking for sexual partners.

    1. Thanks, This makes the possible title even more interesting to me. I like the duality


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