Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year! destockage old paintings for 2014

Hey there, sorry to post this late but it has been 18 months of house hunting, renovations and all the stress involved.  The last two months have been boxing, moving and everything else but painting.

I planned to paint in my old studio until the end of January but there was a leak from the studio upstairs.  Result, I had to move out because everything got humid, even the door that was stuck. I lost several paintings and lots of documents.

Today for the first time I opened my paint box and it felt great.  Here are some photos of what was going on, before I moved to the new place... 

I'll be posting more regulary and hosting some auctions on ebay of old works that don't fit me anymore nor do they fit into my new studio.  Which is much smaller but way nicer.  A photo coming soon.

I'll miss this awesome atelier where Farah Atassi once worked, even though it doesn' t feel right anymore. Still, I was sad when leaving.  A post industrial building on the outskirts of Paris perfect for creating freely, you can paint the walls, tag them, nail anywhere and basically trash the place or build it to your fancy.  Personally I like cleanliness and order.  Not the case last week.

I had to move everything away from the leak that came down like rain.

This is a box of manuscripts my father wrote, wet.

trashed paintings.  I cut them to peices and threw them out.  Oh well


  1. New year = new beginnings. It's great to "hear" from you. DO let us know when your painting are on auction. I can't wait to see the new diggs!


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