Thursday, 3 April 2014

another stolen painting

Yes another painting has been stolen, this is the fourth and one of my all time favourites

Anyone see it please contact me.  It seems to have disappeared from Ivry before I moved ateliers ...

This painting has been shown in several galleries in France and in Belgium.
It is an oil on canvas size 80x80 cm.  The stretcherbars are 4cm thick and painting goes around the sides.  Dated on back 2009.  Signature on back "brooksby" and on front lower left.


  1. Oh, Angie, I am so sorry. All that time, the love and work that went into that painting. I hope you are reunited one day. What's the chance of that? Mediocre? Or worse?

    While not likely to stumble across it, I WILL keep my eyes out.

    1. Hi Laura, I too hope I'll see it again, not sure what the chances are... It's not often a keep a painting but I wanted to keep this one, oh well


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