Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Grande Marché d'Art Contemporain at the Bastille - Paris May 2014

Here's my stand, less is more.  
Number 102 on the Bastille end just off the parvis along Avenue de Bourdon.

I've invited about thirty gallerists to come.  One, I know, has looked into my stuff. 

The theme is diners and comptoirs.  I like the comparaison between the contemporary American diner and the contemporary Parisian comptoir.  The American diner has been around for quite a while and really not much has changed in the decor, kind of like the Parisian comptoir.  In both the waiters and waitresses wear uniforms.

 This is the first series I've ever done of interiors. 

Merde you must tell me, don't wish me luck, I'll despise you. Tell me merde for French or merda if you want to speak Italian. Both work if your Anglo. 

So happy I am that I quit painting cars and scenes of New York, its saturated.

My stand is right in front of the metro tracks, trains come and go all the time.

Here is everyone setting up yesterday.

And like wow, I am way down there on the left.  Look at that white sky!

Merde merda merde!


  1. Well this looks like a crazy wonderful event! Is there a picasa site where we can see the paintings up close? You can't ask for the "m" word if we can't get a close-up!! Besides, who are we to judge? I only know what I prefer! BUT I'd still like to see them up close.

    1. Hi Laura, go on my website and clic on the image then clic on interiors, comptoirs and diners. Or you can scroll down on the blog and find most of them. Let me know which one you prefer.
      Today should be a mad house, Saturday always is at the art Salon. And the sun came out

  2. Busy days are quick days! Add sunshine and they're even better. My favorite from the collection is La Commande, hands down! There is no merde in the collection, I assure you! I totally forgot about your website, I'll add it to my daily roster!


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