Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tom's Louvre

Tom's Louvre
Here it is finished.  The reason I postponed this painting for so long was because I couldn't envision the final ouvre.  People constantly ask my how I choose what I paint.  I have the luck to paint what my hear desires, but I love to do commissions. 

My images start in my camera.  It's always on me.  Mobile phone cameras don't do it but I have painted some things from iphone pics.  Notably a painting that lives in Bordeaux. 

The image was snapped  at night  through the rear window of a taxi, and it was raining  buckets.  That was in NYC.  The client saw himself as that figure with the umbrella.

When I paint people in scenes they take on personalities.  Often people I know.  It's great to hear people tell me the stories they see happening.

Eat your heart out!

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