Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hop On London

- 80x80cm -
- oil on canvas -

Another painting for the show that opens Wednesday 21 January 2015 at Carre d'Artistes grand format gallery l'Expo on rue Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris.
I feel lucky to have been selected among the 600 artists of Carre d'Artistes for an exhibition in their prestigious Parisian gallery.  
Note to all those artists who think Carre d'Artistes is an easy gallery who takes just anyone, you are wrong.  They are exigent, they expect the best and are quite selective.  I've worked my hiney off since mid November for this exhibition and I only hope my paintings will be up to par.  Thursday I finished this last one and Friday I felt like I do after finishing paintings for every show, clueless. What next?  I just wanted a day off but that doesn't exist in the life of the creative self employed.

The show starts Wednesday and will run until April. 

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