Monday, 16 March 2015

painting process- a Parisian Terrasse and Tabac --

I can't believe it's been over a month I've not posted a new painting. After seeing my agent and speaking with a few galleries the consensus was full colour night scenes.  The Heure Blue series continues.  This Tabac night scene is in the works.  I love how the tree canopy reflects the red light from the red spiral carrotte.

The spiral neon carrottes that indicate Tabac shops are disappearing from Paris. LEDs replace them. Many of the paintings I've done in the Parisian series are now testimonials of how the city has changed in the last eight years. 

Only high quality paints can give you these colors.  Knowledge of mixing colours is a must.  Cadmium red mixed with ivory black or phtalo green for darker reds. Golden ochre, or cadmium orange and quinacridone for lighter reds.  Now white, please!


  1. I love seeing the paintings in progress! This one is sure to be fabulous...

    1. Hi Laura, I posted the finished painting on my FB page. Soon it should go for sale online with Carre d'Artists.


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