Monday, 16 August 2010

the paintings-- Summer At Hooper - 20 August 6-9pm -

Here are the paintings that will be on display at

Wendt Auditorium
Friday evening 20 August 6-9 pm at
Cold Spring Harbor Labratories- CSHL
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Deliveries, 30x40 inches, oil on canvas.
 I could work on this another ten days but had to stop to finish more paintings.

This is Stormy Day on 6th, 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas. You can almost feel the heat.

Power Lines, 44x55 cm, oil on linen. 

Jericho Turnpike,  24x24 inches.

Madison Square Garden, 24x24 inches.

No title yet. I sill have to finish this one but it is on Broadway. Oil on canvas, 30x40 inches. I love the crowd. The next series is going to be the massive crowds in Times Square.  but bigger pieces.

Motor Inn, permanent marker and oil on linen, 44x55 cm.

Café de Flore, oil on canvas, 30x40 inches. I'm not sure if I'll have it done for Friday.

Rush Hour,  maiolica plate, 40 inches. I was terribly disappointed but it is the first time I try maiolica. the next ones will be better.  This is already sold too! 

Quando Bacco Trionfa, 60x80 cm, oil on canvas, from 2006. One of the last available still lifes from the Italian cuisine series.

Troppi Cuochi, oil on canvas 60x120 cm, also from 2006. This painting and the preceding one were in the NY ARTEXPO in 2006.

I love the flowers.


  1. Like your Paris collection, these all make me feel as if I'm there in NYC. My favorites - is it okay to have favorites? - are Madison Square Garden, Jericho Turnpike and Rush Hour. 40" is huge! Is it flat or bowl-like? What aspect disappointed you? It's great! I also love Cafe Flore...
    Thanks for posting photos of the pieces you're showing.

  2. Hi Laura,
    I agree with your favorites but add the untitled one that I actually finished today; of course it is fine to have favorites.

    The plate is not completely flat, it is a little over two inches from the table on the edge. I should add a photo of the back of it. It disappointed me because I wanted stronger colors and more contrast - my fault and lack of experience - the next one will be better. The people at the studio where I painted it were in love with it.

  3. Terry (teaberry) from SlowTravel26 September 2010 at 17:01

    I love, love, love you work!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Thanks - more NYC coming


Hi from Paris!