Friday, 10 December 2010

Saint Honoré au chocolat N 70

N 70 The Saint Honoré by Pierre Herme .

What is amazing is that I never ate this. I had just had too much sugar.  I must say that compared to other pastries one can see that PH uses unusual ingredients because the colors of his pastries were definitely

Everyone was waiting to take photos at the Pierre Hermé window near Saint Suplice.  Me too.
It was worth it to see the beautiful vitrine
What is amazing is the packaging.  The whole marketing concept for these designer chefs of the pastry world is presentation.  The boxes that the individual pastries are placed in seem to pop open when you touch the little round etiquette that holds them closed.  The effect is  a waft of delectious perfume that invites you to the treasure inside
Even  more amazing is that I got home with everything intact after the bouncy ride on my trusty bicycle.

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