Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cafe at the Marigny - the unpredictable

This morning at the Marigny there is a man harassing all the people sitting at the external tables, he wants to borrow a lighter.  He holds a beer in one hand and wobbles around, he's wearing knee length shorts with a Hawaiian pattern.  The people try to ignore him afraid of some violent jest.  He's obviously drunk and not from around here but from some periphery city of Paris.
His grabs a lighter off the table of two ladies barley touching the face of the blond.  She crunches her nose and everyone looks at him from the corner of their eyes.  He dances to some rhythm we can't hear, the noise from the traffic is deafening.  Everyone is back from Easter vacation.
The unpredictable drunk dances off to corner and without hesitation dances into the traffic.  Now the Parisians openly turn around to stare at the guy. Buses slow down and honk, an ambulance drives slowly by, cars honk.  It's chaos.  The guy dances in the middle of the busy intersection. Untouched he gains the other side and disappears in the crowd.

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