Wednesday, 27 April 2011

upcoming exhibitions- Paris and Nantucket

So it is set on the agenda, another SOLO at the fantastic Parisian gallery TERRE DES ARTS.  The opening date is June 8, 2011.  This show will be of my latest New York paintings and there should be another poster plastered all over Paris just like for the last SOLO.  IT is fun to walk down the boulevards and see a poster with my painting on it in cafe windows.

Terre des Arts has been successfully representing me for a year and a half in their galleries in Paris, Cannes and Saint Tropez.  Many paintings that will be in the show are not yet on my website nor have been posted on the blog.  If you want to receive an invitation contact the gallery through their website Terre des Arts requesting an invitation to the upcoming exhibition of Brooksby.

Also this season the South Wharf Gallery in Nantucket will be hosting my work.  The South Wharf Gallery is one of the best and oldest galleries in Nantucket, they have had my work on and off since 1996.  It is exciting to be back with them once again.


  1. Congratulations, Angie!
    How wonderful!

  2. It should be fun, Now need to kick my butt and paint


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