Friday, 9 December 2011

Contest, name this painting:

Help me name this canvas, the winner will receive a signed soft cover copy of my catalogue on NYC urban landscapes.  Link is on the left

The contest works like this:

Post a comment here suggesting the title that you like.`
One title per person. 
 Thursday December 15th I will choose three comments and post them.  
Then you will vote on the comment you like best. The comment with the title that gets the most comments wins.

The painting is 70x100cm oil on canvas and here is almost finished.


  1. "Showtime" or "It's Showtime"

    It's beautiful by the way!

  2. "Meter's Running"

    I've been in a cab, in this spot, with red lights, pedestrians & traffic - and the meter's just running! Love your NYC paintings by the way, you capture the energy & visuals so well.

  3. Great suggestions, keep going.

  4. Oh, I like that "Meter's Running" a lot.

  5. Brian KilleenSat Dec 10, 02011 10:43 AM

    "title contest: laguardia please"

  6. 'Taxi 4D90'

    Love the energy in this painting !

    Helen Cooper

  7. For some strange reason I have voted twice but the comment isn't showing up. Third time lucky ?

    I read above that you can vote on your own entry. So I would like to vote for 'Taxi 4D90'

    ( Not sure what your comment was about saying you had the wrong author for entry No3, you have someone elses name beside it not mine ??? )



  8. Stuart WeinerThu Dec 15, 02011 11:11 AM
    "title contest: Taxi 4D80"
    Stuart WeinerThu Dec 15, 02011 11:12 AM
    "typo! should be: "Taxi 4D90""


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