Thursday, 28 March 2013

New York Cyclist

New York Cyclist
20x20cm oil on linen

And here is a new video of me using my palette knife.  This is the next painting to be completed...


  1. Love the new painting! It feels happy. AND you know I LOVE it when you post video! I like watching you paint-to me it seems like you are randomly painting areas, but I know in your head it is all planned out...and magic happens!

    You always seem to have music playing, what do you listen to while you paint? Do you have a favorite? It's hard to tell since the film speed is faster.

  2. Hi Laura, Thanks so much for you comments. I'm working for a new gallery and did 40 paintings for them since February.

    I do listen to music often. In this vid was a radio in Paris called FIP . They play lots of different stuff. For a few months I listened to rap but it got too vulgar, tango is a favorite and I often listen to Abraham Hicks the vortex and grids...


Hi from Paris!