Thursday, 25 April 2013

new galeries and the Tinkerman

The Tinkerman's Crossing.

This painting has a funny name because the guy dressed in blue inspired me.  I was thinking a bit frustatedly, will save you the details, of how guys like to  fuddle around with constructing things or renovating stuff.  I think it is great to do that but when you happen to be in one of those hardware stores on Saturday morning it's hard not to remark the tinkers.  
The guy dressed in the blue t-shirt is carrying bags and poles.  He's got to wait for the light to turn before he can cross.

So for the news.  On may 12 I'll be exposing in galerie Terre des Arts for my 3rd big solo with them.  36 painting should be on the walls, most are pretty large.  Then in the end of May I'll be in the Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain at the Saint Sulpice.  I just signed on with Christian Dominé as a promoter/dealer for my paintings in France, Belgium and Switzerland.  Now the Galerie In3Arts in Metz is carrying my paintings and I've sent my first 40 paintings to Carré d'Artistes.  It's been a busy spring.

I'll be posting more regularly


Hi from Paris!