Sunday, 28 April 2013

studio shot of new painting

Here is the studio as of last Tuesday.  All those paintings on the left are gone, the chauffeur from Terre des Arts picked them up.  It is a pleasure to not have to deliver stuff.  
I love my space.  It feels like "AH" when I open the door and walk in.  
I've worked my butt off this spring and now all I have to do is paint for the Grand Marché d'art Contemporain at the Saint Sulpice.  I'll be delivering my own paintings for the four day salon and staying there the entire time.  This painting and the ones that are visible on the walls will be part of my stand.
Entrance is free 30 May to 2 June place Saint Sulpice.


  1. Congratulations on the signing and hangings this spring. You HAVE been really busy! I like this shot...Is that natural light shining on the painting and in the room? It's great!

    I hope your shows are rewarding. I wish I could attend!

    Hey, the pinkish painting on the wall to the right? Fish monger? Is it finished?

  2. Thanks PAtti,
    Hi Laura, thanks. It is such a busy time, whew! I've been working for this for ages and now the fruits are ripe.


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