Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Angel Diner

Angel Diner, oil on canvas 80x120 cm --

There was a third figure in this painting but it didn't work so I had to cut it. You know, like editing a book. 

What I like about this painting is the play of depth because of the Marylin poster and the mirrors and the sunlight bleaching out the figure to the right.  Diners are chrome and shiny.

This particular diner is in Washington, D.C.,  near Constitution Avenue. 

Lots of people here in Paris associate my painting with Hopper.  I think that it is the American style of painting which unavoidably exits off my brush.  Hopper is  one of the most known contemporary realists.

Yes, Hopper did Diners but he also did landscapes, which I find terribly boring .  Last year I did not go see his expo in Paris at the Grand Palais, one because I know his work well, two because I try to avoid painting like him.  It just comes out.  I'd rather be associated with the amazing colorist: Wyane Thiebaud.  But he's less known on this side of the Atlantic. 


  1. This is cool! Originally I thought it was two separate, different sized panels. I like the perspective and the fact that it makes me want to "figure it out". The mirror is wonderful. The muted pink, the bright light and the angle make it different - in a good way.

    Curiously, what/where was the third figure? I see a diner in blue past the waiter…was there another?

  2. Hi Laura,
    The third person was sitting in the booth behind the coffe cup. It was too central and just too much. I agree that the mirror gives an new dimension.


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