Monday, 11 August 2014

photo from Charlotte

Last week Charlotte G. sent me this photo after visiting Saint Paul de Vence.  Three of my paintings hanging in galerie Rustinoff  or  galerie Joel Guyot .  
All three paintings are 120cm wide so that makes a big wall. 

This is what she wrote:

Tu es partout!!
Et c'était tes toiles qui étaient les plus belles bien sur;-))

Thanks Charlotte!


  1. Isn't good mail a breath of fresh air?! I am wondering if someone bought your three paintings and now shows them in a gallery, if YOU are showing them in that gallery, or if a third party bought them intending to sell them? Is that how the art world is? Can a third party buy your work and sell at a higher price?

    1. Hi Laura,

      It's my agent that took them there. I just visited the gallery. It's awesome.

      Yes, people can buy and sell for whatever price they desire. But I do have a base market listing on ARTPRICE.



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