Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Limited Palette, the BD look

25x25 oil on linen 

 For years now everyone who sees my paintings in the beginning stages tells me to leave them like they are.  So be it. 

Recently Suzanne came to a party and said, "that is the Paris of my memories." 

Urban life was less colourful.  Neon signage wasn't in your face and we didn't have cell phones.  Quel horreur.  No internet. Sacré Bleue.  Things were dusty, or perhaps it's my memory.

So I've had BDs in mind. If you're French you know what a BD is.  It is a bande dessiné, a graphic novel.  The French are master illustrators. Here is a great website BDNET.COM  to find the latest tendences and those all time classics.  I love XIII

Eat your heart out.


  1. Okay…I'm one who has asked a few times if the piece was finished before it really was, because I loved it at that particular stage. While I like this one, it doesn't touch me like your others do. It is like a foggy memory, though.

    But, really, you shouldn't care what any of us think or say…paint whatever is inside you! And keep posting because I love seeing your work.

    1. Laura, I've been wanting to paint like this for some time.

      Interesting what you say about a foggy memory. It is nice to have feedback like that, dirt honest. thanks! More will be on the way.


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