Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mon Gars

Mon Gars-
oil on canvas 80x80cm -

The French troncate words when speaking. Gars is garçon.  No idea why the s is necessary. The title is a play on words because if you called the waiter 'mon gars' he might throw coffee in your face, especially at a Parisian café.  It's too intimate, unlesss he is your beau. 

This painting is for sale through Carré d'Artistes internet exhibition that starts today. 

 Carré d'Artistes has more than 25 galeries worldwide and works with over 600 artists.  That's some heavy competition.

I'm proud to be among them and absolutely delighted that they have honored me with an exhibit on their website.

If you're an artist and considering working with them, don't hesitate applying. They are one of the best galleries I've ever associated with in my 28 year career of painting.  Everyone who works there is kind, they are open to listening.  Every gallery of theirs that I have walked into is hosted by a kind and receptive person, ready to talk to artists.  Every artist that I've spoken with who works with them is satisfied and has only good things to say.  Enough of my brown nosing.

Wondering which café in Paris I took the image from?  Terrasse Saint Medard. 


  1. Love it! It makes me feel like I'm at that bar waiting for my café crème...


Hi from Paris!