Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bogged down by faces

There is so little time to write before June 8.  My upcoming show is taking every breath.  After twenty years I've discovered how to piece my memoirs together and that is all I want to do.  It would be nice to be able to paint and write simultaneously.

The method is so simple that it made me laugh.  Scene by scene, every action or dialog does one of three things.  It builds character or setting or it advances the action.  Now I know the project will pan into a book, the ending is in sight and mind.

It's like making a painting.  Plotting then plodding. A painting must be like a short story and a series perhaps a novel.  Every series of twenty has two or three excellent after 24 years of grinding away at the easel.

Now I've stopped painting faces.

They were killing me. Architecture's replaced people.  It feels good to paint now, my mind free from the sad personalities of people Crossing Manhattan, that painting may go in the trash, cut into pieces.

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