Monday, 30 May 2011

My first book of Memoirs

Recently I realized that it has been twenty years since I started writing a narrative nonfiction based on my daily ink on paper journal entries, that was when I moved a overstuffed cardboard box in my atelier causing a little black book to fall on my feet.  Ouch!  I opened it and read an entry from 1991, ouch again.

Over the years my first book of memoirs has been thrown in the trash several times, the last time was about a month ago when I discovered Janet Reid's blog, Query Shark, shortly after I had the great opportunity to pitch, in person, writer-agent John Cusick.

It was painful to realize that once again, all that work, 145 pages finely revised but dead-ending, had to go to the bin.  After discovering flash fiction fridays where writers blog short-short stories, I decided to come out of the closet with my memoirs.  But this time around I am one-hundred percent positive that the book will be finished.


  1. What did you forget? Tell us more!

    This is great, Angie. I can smell the warmth of the morning and hear the tractor neighbor through your open window. You have a lot on your plate these days!

  2. Hi Laura, I'm glad you want to hear more. Sorry you'll have to wait to find out. ha ha!


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