Friday, 27 May 2011

The publishing industry -vs- the art world

The more I read about the publishing industry the more parallels I see with the art world.  There are too many writers seeking representation and not that many good agents.  Connections are important. Writing and painting are full time professions.  Showing and not telling is so important.  How can you tell a painting?  Too many sharks looking to make money off the vanity of the wanna-be's fill the ocean of both worlds.  I think it is worse in the art world.

There are differences too. In the art world it is unusual that one can become a block buster after forty, but perhaps in with writing, yes. Writers communicate, rant and share on public forums.  Artists hide in their caves guarding their secrets thus making the ocean more murky and easier for the predators.

In both arenas, it takes years of work, practice, and informing oneself to succeed, plus a thick skin that grows over time and through rejection.  It seems though, with the revolution of e-publishing, that the writer's realm is facing a tsunami, everything will be upturned whilst the artists world remains in the age of the caveman.


  1. Ang- I'm curious. Have you considered making your work "art cards" or note cards to sell online? I love them all. I'd buy them for sure, especialy your Italian art as it fondly reminds me of my trip throgh Tuscanny and Italy. I bet others feel the same about Paris and NY. In this digital age, I cannot imagine it'd be that difficult to do these days, right? Let me know if you do/are and I'll be a dedicated customer. :)

  2. Hi Debbie, I did put some images on line with cafepress here is a link

    I did also with and they have never paid me for the images that are sold everywhere.


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