Friday, 8 July 2011

Contest winner - the poll

I was ready to pick one comment that stuck in my head then opened my computer this morning and saw another title that I like, so I've decided to let you choose which one out of the two that I like best.  And I want to say to Debbie that I really liked what you wrote on my Facebook page but then you changed the title on the blog comments.

Just let me say that  all the titles suggested are interesting and my opinion is only my own completely biased and one sided.  I apologize to whomever did not make it to the final round and promise that I'll do this again.

So the runner up that struck my eye but doesn't win anything, sorry, is:

 "Morning Commute".... 

by Laura in Seattle,  I should give you a prize anyway because you always comment here.  

And the two competing for the grand prize, which is to pick the title of the painting, and in return receive a lithograph for free are:

does anything come free these days?  No, you had to waste your time commenting here to win this.


by Joan Revell Ryan 


Cab's Eye View

by Adam


Vote by leaving a comment below, tell which one you prefer, choose only one, only one comment per person, tell your friends to come out of the shadows and vote for you.  The title with the most votes/comments wins.

Comments will be closed Monday morning, 11 July at 8h00, that is 8.00A.M. Paris time.
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  1. Summer In The City is my vote!

    This was fun, Angie. Thanks!

  2. Summer in the City is my vote!

    I was thinking of something sort of ambiguous to "any Tuesday in any city" on my ideas to appeal to citydwellers anywhere. I'll have to go back to FB to see what I even wrote now! Dag!
    I took my niece to the Plein Air art days in Frederick and am sooo dang amazed how Frederick has changed since we grew up here. It is really pretty Ang. All of the streets have been revitalized. The row houses are painted and quaint. It looks like a storybook town as you walk down Patrick St. with all of the cafe and fancy smanchy restraunts. I thought about you so much over where you used to live near Law St. When was the last time you've been here to see the changes? For those of us like you, me and Charlie (who I connected with recently on FB) - coming back to town is very, very weird. But, the city is very pretty now and a cool place to miander- even sort of artsy.

    OK...ready to do another contest! No prize needed. I have your painting that has moved with me all around the country and now lives on our bedroom wall. I positioned it to reflect in the mirror so it looks like there are actually two of them! My taste is ecclectic Italian- so that painting goes perfectly with everything I have. My niece actually did a watercolor for me of two of the pics I took of the archways and doorways the day we went driving into the countryside on Christmas. Wish I wrote down the town name. Do you even recall? It was near where you used to live in the farm house- near where we stopped and popped in on a Christmas dinner celebration. Do you recall by chance? I know it was such a blip in time a million years ago- but maybe your memory is sharper than mine which is sharp like a "butter knife" these days. :)

  3. Dag--- I liked my FB comments better too! haha
    "Tuesday Traffic" or "Tuesday Afternoon in the City"

  4. Hi Laura, I'm glad you're enjoying this. I've never held a contest and it seemed like fun. IT is even more fun to hear what people might name a painting.

    Thanks for your lovely comments. It was Greve in Chianti. I'll email you.

  5. So we have two votes out of two for SUMMER IN THE CITY. That's 100% of the votes so far, but you still have until Monday morning to decide.