Tuesday, 5 July 2011

name this painting - contest-

It's too hot to think of a name for this painting, I'd rather be sitting by a pool in the shade reading today plus it is proving to be a tedious painting full of details.  
To have some fun and break the tedium of lonely studio time I thought I would ask
to help me title the above painting. 
You can click on the image to see it enlarged, the format is 120x80cm it is oil on canvas and not yet finished.  I can only hope to get it done by Friday because next week I am flying to Florence again for personal business and of course will buy some shoes and hang out at Colle Berreto and La Dolce Vita and drink a Negroni in the vapor lamps that go sSSShhhHHSSH.

below is what the winner of this contest will win:

A black and white lithograph —a braid of garlic— that I made in Florence at La Stamperia on via San Niccolo way back when in 2001.  This is a REAL lithograph on lithograph paper, it is NOT an offset or a glicee.  There is no original because the drawing was destroyed when they sanded down the stone.  Note the eyeglasses to the left, the size of the litho is 20x60 cm.


Leave your suggestion in the comments below, only one per person.
I will decide which title I like best, if I cannot decide I will host a poll in another post.  Once I have decided, I'll announce the winner and will send them the signed lithograph to their location in the whole wide world for FREE.  If you are in Paris I will hand deliver it.
Comments will be closed Friday at 8h00 that is 8A.M. Paris time.

I have just closed the comments.


  1. OK...trying to post here again.
    "Tuesday in the City" - Deb

  2. Hi Debbie, so far you're winning.

  3. I would call it: "Taxiiiiiiiiii" ;-)

  4. Perhaps, "Morning Commute"....

  5. how about: "Places to go!"

    Barbara in Dublin