Monday, 11 July 2011

We have a WINNER plus some googly-goop news

Summer in the City

 by Joan Revell Ryan has been voted with 100% consensus.

Joan, you can email me at (tuscanartist at yahoo dot it) to tell me where I need to send the lithograph.

Today I will finish the painting and post it.  I've been playing hookie from painting and feel delightfully guilty because I am writing the fiction that was once my memoirs. The first draft is one third finished, I've 35K words since May when I started over.  Here is a link to my writing blog Angie Arcangioli — ramblings of an artist in Paris or Florence where you may find a link to a very rough draft of the first page.  

More small gourmandise paintings are coming soon;  one hundred gessoed panels arrived from Italy last Thursday.


  1. Hi Ang! Dumb question from a "non"...what is gessoed panels? Is it the type of finish on the canvas? The type of canvas? What makes them special vs. others that you could get in France or here say at the Michaels or Art supply stores. Curious.

    p.s. I'm in need of a cool painting of Cafes or Store Front scenes (was thinking from some of the Italy pics I took of the locals) for my kitchen. Have you done anything like this you can post or email me by chance? I loved the ones from the south with the lemons and peppers hanging or the meat stores in Tuscany with the Boars heads and salamis. :) Trying to get Allie the courage up to attempt the detail. I think she is intimidated by doing people. Any advice?

  2. p.s. please check your FB email. :)

  3. Hi Debbie, gessoed panels are wood boards that are covered with gesso. They are extra smooth and absorb the paint more than a canvas. They are tricky to paint on. I like the ones from Zecchi, in Florence, because the boards are composite—layered— and never ever will warp. These are beveled on the back edges.

    The art supplies in Italy and the US are WAY better than the things I can find here in Paris.

    You can check with MArio Cappelletti in Castellina in Chianti at La Bottega if he has anything of mine like that. The link to his site is on the right of the blog under FOLLOW ME.


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