Thursday, 30 June 2011

Macaron Framboise n 123

Macaron Framboise
15x15 cm  (aprox 6"x 6'" inches)
oil on gessoboard, made in Italy

I couldn't resist this raspberry macaron.  It's stuck to the gold foil covered board with a dab of pastry cream, the same cream that holds fast the gooseberries crowning the thing.  It never occurred to me that Parisian Pastry chefs might be jealous of their creations until I casually snapped a photo of the pastries lined up behind the glass at my corner boulangerie-patisserie.  I got cussed out for that one and was so embarrassed I didn't go back for weeks.  When I did go back I brought a painting to show the owner.  She made a snide remark but relaxed.  She is a tough cookie.


  1. Love the colours in this painting ! Beautiful. So funny about the owner's reaction to you taking a photo, and very brave of you to go back there.
    All the best with your exhibition !

    Helen Cooper

  2. Hi Helen, I put a bit of green in the background to enhance the pink of the macaron. Glad you like it.


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