Thursday, 2 June 2011

My favorite painting for the show

West Village Corner is a 50x50 cm oil on canvas, gallery stretcherbars.  What I like about this image is the movement of the guy and the stark contrast.  Like the Macchiaioli used.  What's that?   There is a lame article on wikipedia: Macchiaioli .  I used a palette-knife to scrape off different colored gobs of semi-dried paint from my palette, added them to smooth chunks of luxurious ivory black then liberally smeared the mess all over.  I love the 3D effect of the colored black background.


  1. This is nice! It is different, like you said - the 3D effect, the movement. I like it. Oooh, you are just a few days away! I hope you have time to sleep!

  2. Hi Laura, glad you like it. I've started the little gourmandise again and am organizing the show for Dec. Did you get yours framed?


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