Monday, 13 June 2011

Fraisier au Pistache

Fraisier au Pistache  
15x15 cm  (aprox 6x6inches)
oil on Italian fabrication gesso board

Pistache flavored mouse lighter than heaven and pistache flavored sponge cake interwined with fresh gariguette strawberries await my 3 year old's palette.  She'll be delighted, the aroma is enticing.  Did you notice the tiny piece of of gold leaf stuck in the glaze on the left?


  1. oh, I may need to return to Paris so I can try the pistache flavored mousse! Such suffering a return would entail. ;-)
    I love your painting and now I must visit Tim Anderson to see what sort of art he produces.

  2. Hi Shirly, I love your paintings, how nice to get a compliment from you.


Hi from Paris!