Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Haribo Rotella 120

Haribo Rotella - black liquorice 
15x15 cm  (aprox 6"x 6'" inches)
oil on gessoboard, made in Italy 

Many of you might have noticed that I like to paint packaged things.  Haribo seems to be a big favorite here in Paris; there are Haribo stands on street corners and in every little corner store.  
I thought I'd get more painting done today, I still have a few hours but less than what I planned because on the way back from my gallery my telephone fell out of my jeans pocket, bounced on the street and centered the hole in the gutter.  It was terribly hilarious except that I just spent the last two hours at the telephone store to recuperate my number and buy a smacking new telephone.  These things happen to me, I still am painting in the dark, the lights have not been fixed... Enough blabla back to the easel

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