Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The lights went out

Talk about technical problems.  Last week the two main lights in my studio burned out.  I finished the last painting for the show in the dark after trying to change the fuses.  It was difficult to unscrew the box on the chord to even reach the fuses. Why do they have fuses in France? and why do I have to spend my painting time changing the lights? is what I asked myself.

Yesterday I went to buy new light bulbs, two different kinds for two different lamps and replaced them, they still did not work so I painted again in the dark.  Today I bought new fuses and they still do not work, bizarre.

If it were only the lightbulbs, my SD card on my mac doesn't recognize the card anymore and the web is on and off.  I thought these things happened only in Italy.  When it rains it pours, yes in fact it is raining after three months of drought.  At least I don't need electricity and wavelengths to paint or write.  Ink on paper.  I'll get a painting posted today but to satisfy myself here is a rare photo of my daughter.  Sorry I blocked out her face.

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