Wednesday, 1 June 2011

my Atelier in 2007

When I moved to Paris in January 2007
I had a commission from Gables Residential 
to create 50 large format paintings 
for the luxurious Villa Rosa, but
I had only seven months to get them done and frame them and send them.
It was freezing cold and terribly grey in January.

Those seven months were filled with tears from missing my buddies in Florence 
and lots of parties with my new friends at the Ateliers of la Fabrique in Ivry sur Seine, the ugliest place in the whole wide world.

I painted, and painted,

and painted.

 Seven months later all the paintings were finished.
I'd been the eye witness of choice and ear-to-bend at the ateliers.  Couples got together, broke up, studio mates punched eachother, others loved eachother. There was a nymphomaniac that loved everyone including a  schizophrenic that followed her like a beaten dog, both wanted to confide in me.  
We drank lots of coffee.

All of the artists that I met disdained my type of painting, considering it commercial, but when they saw me whack out 50 huge ones in  seven months they were impressed.
I rented a truck and drove them all the way to Florence
to have them framed, crated, and shipped.
Now they are in Gables Villa Rosa.


  1. Sounds like those seven months alone are worth a book in the making!! Maybe even a sit-com! ;)

  2. Ang- what does "artistfige" mean in your blog name? I looked it up and the urban dic says "An action done by pressing both palms together and swiping the hands through someones bum crack." I cracked up laughing as surely that is NOT what you are referring to??? Ewelala...the French! haha ;) Do I'm know uber curious.

  3. Oh that is terrible, hilarious though. The last few years I lived in Florence I decided to use a pseudonym, a name that was not gender specific and would work well everywhere so I chose FIGé, pronounced figay. It was a joke between my ex-husband and I. It is not the first time I'd used a pseudonym. When I moved to France it didn't work because figé means "stuck" I went back to my real name. Do you know Hokusai the Japanese painter? He changed names everytime he changed styles. Atlelierfige was just the studio of fige.

  4. Oh yes it could have been a great sit com or a better reality show. It still is going on but I'm not there anymore.


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