Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Jack in New York

Whew! it is boiling in Paris.  We came home from the South of France yesterday and almost roasted in the gare de Lyon when we exited the train.
My show at galerie Terre des Arts is rocking, therefore I'll be posting lesser little works but perhaps more detailed. The large paintings are priority for upcoming shows.  The painting above took thirty hours to finish and it's not that large only 80x120 cm, this is one of the favorites in the show.


  1. 1. LOVE!
    2. Great details! (pink sack, backwards letter reflections, body parts and shadowing)
    3. Who is "Jack"?
    4. 80x120 is big in my book (but it's a layman's book)
    5. Congrats on the Terre des Arts show!
    6. Please keep posting, your work touches my senses and I love seeing new pieces

  2. Hi Laura,
    glad you love it, I like the pink sack too, I think I caught the light in it. Jack is a family member and it really looks like him. The title reminds me of "Jack in the box."

  3. nice work...beautiful


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