Friday, 18 November 2011

151 Pink Doughnut

Pink Doughnut - n 151
oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm (aprox 6x6 inches)
I thought I'd paint Tuscany until Christmas but some gallerists came to the studio Tuesday and took away fourteen paintings.  Here is their website Galerie J CH Robert in Honfleur, Normandy.  So that means I have to kick ass and do some good work.  The great thing is that they also want paintings of Paris.  So I've been busy this week, next week will dig in with the colors.  Here are a few shots of the studio: 
This one is of a group of young adults on boulevard Saint Germain.
Taxis in Times Square

And the real pink doughnut on a silver platter I found at a flea market last Saturday -- the plate not the doughnut.


  1. Wow that's great that the Gallery took all thoses paintings !!! Sounds like you will be very busy for a while.I look forward to seeing the above paintings finished.

  2. Hi Helen Yes it was a real nice surprise. Honfleur is busy all year round so it's a good place. I'd love to find a gallery for the little paintings.

  3. Congrats on the big sale Angie!!!!


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