Wednesday, 8 August 2012

my new atelier

Here is my new space.  I just moved in the day after returning from a five week adventure in Tuscany, Provence and Corsica.  
The space is in La Fabrique in Ivry-sur-Seine, where I worked from 2007- 2009.  It's not the same atelier, this one was where the artist Farah Atassi was working.  I feel lucky to follow her into this space, maybe some of her awesome success will rub off my way.

The exciting thing for me is that here I can use spray paints; use graffiti technique, pochoir, tagging, etc. in my canvases.

Here is a detail of the floor under the wall where Farah worked.  I decided to not cover it up, it's just too cool... 


  1. cool!!!!!!!!
    congratulations on your new spot.
    Proud to be your Bro.

  2. Thanks Bro, wish you could see it


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