Friday, 17 August 2012

Progress report and studio shots

Here is where I left the painting yesterday.  I was hoping to finish it today but that won't happen.  I'll be able to block in most of the unpainted parts like in the taxi below.

Lots of detail work to follow, it's a good thing I don't have internet in the atelier.  Nothing to distract me from my brushes

I bought some new colors, Ochre Gold is one of them.  It's been on my palette before but was shunned when I stopped painting Tuscany.  Too kitsch.  I guess paintings of NY are kitsch too.

Here's a detail of a sprayed part for the next painting that I started blocking in, you'll see that next time. I used gold spray paint.   Glass buildings reflect the sun.

I have lots of colors to play with.

Today will be another great day.  The key is in my hand.

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