Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Bastille GMAC

The GMAC at the Bastille is an exhausting event; five days of chatting with thousands of people. 
We had a black out and celebrated our sales every evening with champagne.

 Five galleries approached me, one for the third time. I met several other artists, several who have studios at the Fabrique des Artistes in Ivry, where I work.  

Any artist that wants to show in France has to do this salon.  I don't think I'll do it again, at least not for a couple of years, I'm totally burned out.

Check out GAB .  He's amazing. 

I also met, Giovanni Manzo from Naples.  I love his oils, I saw them a few years ago and was happy to talk with him.

Here is  MIROGI's awesome Sumo bronze that I fell in love with so took home.


  1. Nice bronze you scored! I checked out Manzo and, yes, I like his work but I find yours to be much more alive. Your work has vitality and I can feel the city's hustle and bustle when I see your work. I love what you're doing!

  2. Hi Kathleen, the Sumo is awesome, I love it. Thanks for the compliments, Manzo scored two gallery contacts I'd love to show with. Thanks


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