Wednesday, 21 November 2012

You made my day

From a blog reader and collectioner i got this email the other day.  It was so nice to receive these photos in this somber month of November.  

Hi Angie,

I just wanted to send you a few photos of your paintings in place. I might move them around a bit, but so far this is where we have them. If you you have a better hanging arrangement or idea please share!

What a gorgeous kitchen I think they look great, exactly how they are hung.  I remember meeting the lovely people that bought these from my 100%100 gourmandises expo back in 2010.  What a fun lunch we had.
Thanks for making my day!


  1. your paintings look fantastic! congrats!!

  2. How wonderful to receive these photos from your collector. Your work looks wonderful grouped together! Had to make you feel really great.:)

    1. Hi Kathleen, yes it was really wonderful! I think they did a great job framing them and hanging them.


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