Friday, 9 September 2011

Fire Escape Shadows NYC cityscape

The first week back in the studio has been very busy.  Here is one of the three paintings I projected.  And the gobs of color I mixed.
I was worried because I am painting over an old painting and thought the paint wouldn't stick well.  When I mixed my medium the varnish bottle seemed to control itself — too much went in.  
I also thought that the painting underneath would make my eyes criss-cross.  It did but the paint went on so well, it made applying the paint almost better than sex. 
Here is as far as I got.  Next week it will be ready to hang.


  1. I received a comment by email:

    I love this the colors...POV....."Stairway to Heaven"
    Question.....when you project the image from your photograph do you do it with a felt tip pen??? Great idea.

  2. The answer is: I draw with a fine tip pen directly in very diluted oil paint and sometimes block in larger parts when I need to know where darks and lights go

  3. I mean a brush not a pen -- a fine tip brush


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