Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Times Square Taxi Nite

Times Square Taxi Nite
60x120 cm
oil on canvas

Here is my progress since Friday, whew.  This small it looks hyperreal but it's not.  Most of the light is very thick brushstrokes.  I'm very happy with this so far. 
  The light comes from inside the painting.  Though it looks finished there is still lots of work; mostly, the upper right hand side is unfinished and details of the middle ground taxi need to be added.  What every one of my clients has said who have bought a night scene is how the painting changes in different lighting.  With a light shining directly on the painting it is one thing, with the lights in the room turned off,  the painting seems to give off light.  No one mentioned what they look like in TV light.
  It's a trick I've been working on for about two years.  This one epitomizes my night scenes.


  1. Really like this one! Love the light illusions. I'm amazed at how you capture the brightness and reflections to look so shiny and real. Nice work Ang.


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