Monday, 12 September 2011

Like Butter on Toast

I am auctioning this painting here
To help Carol Marine, a fellow artist, whose studio burned down in the Austin, Texas fires.

15x15 cm (6x6 inches)
oil on Gesso board 

All proceeds from sale will be donated to her so that she can build a new studio.  The link where I will donate the funds can be found on  the blog:
Where you can read about what happened and find the link.

I cannot fathom what it may feel to be totally wiped out and have my entire house burn to ashes, lose all the belongings collected and inherited.  Including all those paintings that she kept for herself.

On the left is a link to Carol's blog.

Carol and her husband have received over 700 emails from their fans, plus many, many more messages on Facebook an other platforms.  They are real heros from before this tragic event.  They created and run the Daily Paint Works site where hundreds of talented and new artists post their daily paintings.  Where they donated to Japan Tsunami surrivors and to poor African children.  It is a website that has brought a fresh place for artists that were enslaved by Ebay's huge commissions. 

This painting is not a new one, because I don't have much time right now to make small daily paintings in lieu of the Grand Marché d'Arte Contemporain I am painting towards.  

I hope the painting sells.
I chose this one because I hope their transition will be like spreading butter on warm toast.

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